About company

BOSGRUPA.LV is the largest supplier in the territory of Latvia of fire safety equipment and systems from the leading European manufacturers.

Since July 2015 we have been acting as a distributor for LAMILUX, Stöbich BRANDSCHUTZ, ANDREU BARBERA, AUMÜLLER and SOMATI SYSTEM in the territory of the Republic of Latvia.

Our company provides technical consultations and delivers to the territory of Latvia smoke and heat exhaust systems (all the products meet the requirements of EN12101-2 and have been made in line with state-of-the-art technological innovations), natural ventilation and natural lighting from LAMILUX, the oldest German manufacturer. Our range also includes fire curtains made of flame-retardant fabric, metal and fire doors and gates EI30, EI60, EI90 and EI120, flat-roof windows, textile fire protection EN-1634 and EN 13501-2 and skylights.

At the customer’s request we quickly deliver materials and equipment, as well as perform mounting and installation works. All the equipment bought from us is covered by our warranty.

The companies we cooperate with have many years of experience on the global market in construction and fire safety, received numerous awards which serve as a proof of reliability and quality of the products they produce.

All types of fire protection works are covered by our quality guarantee. Thus, we provide you with warranty for all the works we perform, guarantee that all the requirements set for mounting works will be met, as well as guarantee secure commissioning of our systems and their maintenance.

If you have any questions or want us to explain something you do not understand, specialists from BOSGRUPA.LV will be happy to help and give you a piece of advice.