Smoke extraction hatches, flat-roof windows, smoke extraction systems, ventilation systems

Modern life quality standards set high requirements to lighting of rooms and organisation of an effective fire extinguishing and smoke extraction system. LAMILUX is one of the leading European manufacturers of natural lighting and smoke extraction systems, as well as flat-roof windows and ventilation systems, and has been providing its products on the Latvian market since 2008.

As you know, the efficiency of work of employees of any company depends on how brightly rooms are filled with daylighting. Therefore, daylighting systems have become increasingly popular in recent years: skylights, glass pyramids, arch structures and a number of skylight derivatives.

The variety of skylights offered by our company enables optimal use of the entire roof area by effectively coordinating brightness of room lighting and the cost of the entire project. Skylights, light stripes, flat-roof windows and glass structures have been one of priority lines of LAMILUX business for half of a century. One of the latest offers from LAMILUX are large walls of light, which can ensure maximum effective lighting of rooms with daylighting.

Our flat-roof windows isolate warmth with maximum efficiency, are easy to maintain, reliable and safe, and provide for comfortable ventilation of the room. Moreover, flat-roof windows by LAMILUX prevent unauthorised access from the roof and have electrically powered manual and automated controls for smoke extraction.

Hundreds of organisations in Europe in general and in Latvia in particular, which include the largest car manufacturers, airports and other public organisations install our products – skylights and light stripes. High quality, shock-resistance and thermal resistance allow to use them in any climate, including in the severe arctic environment. According to customer’s wishes we can make lighting structures of any size, any degree of transparency, with ultraviolet protection, etc. Apart from effective lighting of rooms with daylight, skylights have another important function – smoke extraction from the building at a highly qualitative level, quite often exceeding multiples times the efficiency of work of traditional ventilation systems in buildings.

Skylights as smoke extraction hatches that are offered by our company ensure secure protection from accumulation of smoke in rooms. These products have been widely used all over Europe for decades. Smoke extraction valves or hatches included in our range of products have various opening mechanisms operating with different speed. Even with high opening speed smoke extraction hatches that have qualitative technical design features and are made of high-strength materials keep their original appearance and transparency. Smoke extraction systems by LAMILUX are the main link in your room's ventilation system. High reliability and high functionality of all ventilation and smoke extraction systems by LAMILUX have been available to Latvian buyers since 2008!